ISSN: 0024-1148 Лесоведение. 2004. № 6. С. 73-75




1 Институт леса им. В.Н. Сукачева СО РАН660036 Красноярск, Академгородок, 50, стр. 28

Поступила в редакцию: 2003-07-11

Sexual variability of individuals in four Juniperus communis L. populations from Siberia was studied. In the populations studied, only dioecious plants were found. In high mountain populations, significant differences between individuals of different sex were revealed. In plain populations, a similar trend was noted, whereas significant differences in the size of needles and length of shoots in individuals of both sexes were absent. The level of variability in parameters of vegetative and generative organs did not depend on sex of plants. Parameters of generative organs varied weakly, variability of the annual increment was of high level, and needles’ parameters were characterized by medium variation. Correlation analysis did not reveal differences between individuals of different sex. Probably, such differences might be determined by environmental conditions. Only in high mountain populations, an inverse correlation was found between the length of needles and that of shoots and the size of cones in female plants. In female plants, these parameters were directly related.