ISSN: 0024-1148 Лесоведение. 2011. № 1. С. 69-72




1 Биолого-почвенный институт ДВО РАН, 690022 Владивосток, просп. 100-летия Владивостока, 159 

Поступила в редакцию: 2007-04-05

Usually, the term "undergrowth" means young forest regeneration under the canopy of older generation. However, presently, undergrowth is also understood as a recently formed climax forest growing in open spaces. In addition, factors for distinguishing the undergrowth proposed for even-aged and single-species forests lose their significance for virgin forests and forests of different ages. The paper is aimed at clarifying the term "undergrowth" and proposes several ways for the definition of undergrowth in forests with the vertical crown closure from the example of firspruce forests in the Sikhote-Alin.

Поддержка: грант ДВО РАН